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Last updated 06/07/2015 4:03 PM

My Univ. of Northern CO Site

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Access Training Videos
(2013 AIS Educators Conference)

Files for Access Training Videos

Camtasia Training Video
(2013 AIS Educators Conference)


 Welcome to, the home page for Dr. Richard Newmark. Why PhDuh? I thought it was funny. It also reminds me not to take myself too seriously.

I will make both academic and personal items available from this page.

My course materials are on my University of Northern Colorado web site.

Most of my videos are currently on my YouTube channel, REASematicWeb. However, I am migrating my videos to Vimeo for a few reasons:

  • The video quality is much better.

  • I can manage multiple channels from the same account.

  • I have more control over the privacy settings.

  • No external advertising on my site (Vimeo advertises their services only).

  • Vimeo only allows you to post self-created works.

  • I retain ownership of my videos.



Next time you go to Estes Park, be sure to take the tram ride and feed the chipmunks. Be sure to watch in HD.

Music by Baobab
Album - Bayohbahb
Song - Magdalene Street

Estes Park Tram Slideshow 2013 from PhDuh on Vimeo.


AISEA 2013 Access Training Materials

Step 1: Download the trainng files here and save them to your desired location. Then, unzip/extract the files before using them.

Step 2: Watch the training videos here. I recommend that you select HD (text is not fuzzy) and view the videos in full screen mode (everything is larger and easier to read) as these settings You can also download the videos. I recommend downloading the HD version. One note, I mentioned a pdf file in one of the videos, but I do not have a pdf file (oops).