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BAAC 221: Principles of Accounting II
Spring 2015

Dr. Richard Newmark

Calendar of Assignments


Last Updated 04/14/2015 2:49 PM


Due dates and point allocation updated.

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MyAccountingLab Course ID newmark40193.
Class videos and notes available in BlackBoard.

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Detailed Calendar
Condensed calendar
Due Dates

Detailed List of Topics

  • Homework assignments and quizzes are available in MyAccountingLab (MAL).
  • Homework is generally due the night BEFORE each class period.
  • Quizzes are GENERALLY due two days after we complete a chapter.
  • Specific assigned problems and specific due dates for MAL homework and quizzes are posted in MyAccountingLab.
    • Listing of due dates at the bottom of this page.
    • I send all due dates to your BearMail accounts as calendar appointments. You must accept the appointments to put them on your calendar.
    • You are responsible for submitting your work on time.
    • The list of due dates posted at the bottom of this page may not be updated regularly.

Assignment Due Dates